The developer has not uploaded a funkin yet...

Um, we broke itch.

I didn't expect that you can only have up to 1000 files inside the HTML5 files. How disappointing. Our mod will grow big, as well as our other games to as well. Seriously? Is this what you gave?

Pls help! find us competitor that have more capacity than it this! Sorry for inconveniences. In the meantime, please download locally the offline binaries here yeah.

In the meantime, you can still download native builds bellow. check them out!

also here GameJolt Play Online now there instead.

New! (README, CREDITs, Source Code) Friday Night Funkin mod. yay finally.

We have modified again from what Kade has added to the original Friday Night Funkin. So there you have it. here's another, Last Funkin Moments. Enjoy until the last drop of funkin.

It is standalone! (yes, we rendered everything to here this ZIP file). Just extract to a new folder. inside this bin folder, you'll see that KadeEngine.exe. open it up, enjoy yeah!

Yeah you might be disappointed for why not have just the mod, why entire software?. Great question. FNF asset loading at the moment is not procedural, unlike Stepmania, and the fact that FNF was a Jam submission. things must be made fast, thought fast, most importantly done, and playable. and this is end here, says that. alot of refactor is required. No worries, they're going to enhance it more. Oh yes? oh, yeah. I see. that's fate. they chose the fate. We better not to be hostile ever again. let's us dip our greens in for you guys. and we'll broadcast the visual for you gamers to observe in the future.

anyways, here it is, the mod fnf at its glory. while the funkin last, enjoy, before everything went.

thancc for your attention.

If the Play In Browser doesn't work

Try download the software instead. Choose which OS you have.

Brave Browser trouble

Um, somehow the Brave Browser went uh, deviant. I turned off part of the shield and it keeps blocking necessary tracker in order to make loading stuff works. I even disabled the shield for this page, and apparently Brave still blocks whoever Google is. And the the game broke in Brave.

If you have the same trouble, perhaps we should try Microsoft Edge Chromium instead. hopefully that helps.

Today's update

Tired to changelog

See GameBanana modpage for change loggeh here or our Odysee at

(2021.06) Week Strong


  • Freshly forked from Kade Engine. look at those forked from KadeDev/Kade-Engine top left there!
  • 3 TheFatRat song! Windfall, Rule The World, & We'll Meet again
  • Unique stage! Jakarta Fair, Chroma Screens, Default Background, etc.
  • Week List file in JSON format. add your own week!
  • over 500 Lines of Intro Texts
  • Odysee Logo. Are we partnered with Odysee? hopefully yes.
  • Boyfriend wears mask. He follows health protocol even he's already twice vaccinated.
  • Hookx the friendly singer robot! a Portrait TV
  • Home Theater girlfriend! the screen shows head dance too! as well as thunder fear, train passing, etc. just like with default girlfriend. and hey! We even added tutorial pointings too!!!
  • Improved some stages! here and there
  • NEW!!! Dialogue and Epilogue video & chat. you can now load video, which path can be set in each difficulty chart JSON yay! also enablement for chat and video cutsceners
  • John Cage - 4'33" . Silence is music.
  • NO REPLACEMENT all vanilla stuff still intact!
  • etc. I may forgot to list them all, but everything is in the repostory of the mod
  • other things untold, should you see them yourself.


Friday Night Funkin (c) FNF crews (>100%)
Kade Engine (c) Kade Dev (<100%)

by JOELwindows7
Perkedel Technologies
GNU GPL v3 (Software, the code I added)
CC4.0-BY-SA (Assets, the stuff I added)

Download Alternates

Install instructions

Extract the zip file

And just run Last Funkin Moments binary. The icon looks like this:

  • Windows = Last Funkin Moments.exe
  • Linux = Last Funkin Moments
  • macOS = last-funkin-moments-macOS.dmg
  • Android = Last Funkin Moments-debug.apk

if it instead it got bin folder, then the Last Funkin Moments.exe is in the bin folder.


Windows (GitHub Action) 841 MB
Version 67 48 days ago
macOS (GitHub Action) 839 MB
Version 64 48 days ago
Linux (GitHub Action) 819 MB
Version 62 48 days ago
Just Download Linux 64 bit from Odysee
Just Download Windows 64 Bit from Odysee
Just Download macOS from Odysee
Just Download Android from Odysee
View Linux download page on Odysee
View Win64 download page on Odysee
View Win32 download page on Odysee
View macOS download page on Odysee
View Android download page on Odysee
View GameBanana modpage
View NexusMods modpage
(ninja_muffin99) Go play the original vanilla on his Newgrounds
(ninja_muffin99) or view the itch page of original funkin
(Broken) Try Play online at Netlify

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why isn't bf vacciated lol

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he already has. Yeah. Where did you find he hasn't yet? A typo?

Yeah sometimes you don't even need post injection patch these days. Because so thin the syringe, and so skillful these doctors are you won't feel anything than just an ant bite.


oh i just thought that because he has mask on the next week after week 6



Despite being vaccinated, always. Stay Safe.

So yep, we are also giving awareness. hopefully works and reduce that particular karenification in regards.




hi welcome. thancc for your attention.