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Sinden Lightgun is a mouse, that shapes like a lightgun that works on modern LCD display. For context, conventional lightgun only works on CRT display due to its design that relies the sync. Now, with Sinden Lightgun, using camera sensor technology, even modern display will absolutely work!!! yay!

Keymaps are


  • Trigger - Right Click
  • Pump action - Right Click


  • Trigger - Left Click
  • Pump action - Right Click

Best played with Sinden Lightgun + Recoil Effect mod!

get the realistic shooting sensation while not breaking actual things!

We have game

  • Parlor
  • ...

Store description

The Family Friendly Circus Carnival Shooting Gallery Game.

Welcome, and enter the excitement of carnival games, now in your hand.

Introducing Parlor. The family friendly circus carnival shooting gallery game.

Simply tap the running objects such as Balloon, barrel, and White Diamond thingy?! huh??

anyway, Get as much score as you can.

Watch out! don't shoot the background, and don't let these objects ran off the screen 10 times!

It's unlimited! Play as many as you'd like! carry it to any event possible!

Go ahead! Try it! It's so much fun!

Itch: https://joelwindows7.itch.io/ransax

Credit: https://github.com/JOELwindows7/The_Game_Of_Ransax/blob/master/Assets/Documents/...

SOURCE CODE: https://github.com/JOELwindows7/The_Game_Of_Ransax

Some assets aren't ours!


Some assets are ours!

  • Vincent Thamrin's wepon image
  • Septesen's barrel, balloon, menu button, bar, box
  • Joel's last semester horizontal loop bekgron made of Inkscape

Why on your Google play the author says EKSPANPIXEL? That wasn't your company!

We are invited to Google Play console by our lecturer. Sorry if that confuses you.

And you can see, it's a privilege because per account requires $25.

Own account, maybe later.


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Just Linux (Compiled with Mono Backend) 32 MB
Version 1
Just Windows Desktop 19 MB
Version 1
Just Android 30 MB

Also available on

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Hi, I have just found this and played it with my sinden lightgun.
Just a little request could you add a option to hide the blue cursor? :)
Also the 2 buttons on the left side of my menu over lap each other.

Good idea!!! Hide cursor? Alright. Noted.

Ikr. I didn't know playing this in 16:9 went crooked, unlike in 18:9 on long screen phones. I think I've settinged wrong here. I'll fix that later.


Awesome! I made a little video of your game as well on my YT channel :)

Wow! Amazing Awesome!!! Where's the video?

Also mention me there! I'll comment there too!


here you go https://youtu.be/3G20mFddFV8

I have added it to the Sinden wiki to :)



A yess