We shall just release it already.

So, we out of idea how to release this game. because greenfoot website refuse large scenario like this one.

We packed everything in one gfar.

So better than nothing, we have no choice but Itch.

Here are some questions might by asked:

Is this completed?

Yes. actually, this look's like not. but we'll say yes. because this is a research prototype. Not a prime game. coming soon. in Godot Hexagon engine.

Why it says Released?

We do not want to give impression that we abandon alot of projects. Although we do, we cannot abusively abandon everything, even we do not like it. We have a commitment to finish the cancer we did make for someone in the world. someone who? such as Teacher who gave us homework like this, Clients who commision, etc. Cancer can reach stage 4 if you abandon it and instantly destroy reputation if they exploded to Stage 5.

Why there are a lot of Memes?

we like memes. laugh is all in one medicine.

Do you like Ali-A

not really though, we don't really like watch someone streaming. We came for the meme someone created.

Will you update this game?

less likely. There are a lot of limitation Greenfoot has. We should make games that has a lot of features like CGI, where Cinema enters Game Console.

Do you like Greenfoot?

Kinda. Greenfoot is a framework, game engine designed for beginner for learning Object Orientated Programming, which that time, our 2nd semester college has.

What is your favourite Game Engine?

Godot. Open Source AAA potential game engine. We discovered Godot during search for our demand of reliable, permanent, lifetime tools.

What is your least favourite Game Engine?

all of them like Unity, Unreal, and any of Proprietary, Expensive, and Partial game engine.

Unity only has subscription for Pro version.

Unreal has royalty after profit in around certain percentage.

Why one of your game is not Godot?

that's our college task submission. unfortunately, at the time, we are taught Unity. if only they Godot.


Is there is any question missing? tell us now.

Thank you for your attention.


JOELwindows7_FidgetQuest_researchPrototype.jar 71 MB
Apr 22, 2019
JOELwindows7_FidgetQuest_researchPrototype.gfar 70 MB
Apr 22, 2019

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