I think this is it.

So, We have to consider to cease the development. And claim it as finished. Because I don't feel at home at this game engine.

Also, I've got decent score from lecturer.

So, here're questions: (here are the questions)

What do you think about Greenfoot?

succ. I mean, above succ. it is object oriented, so, there is value to it. However, yes. There is no 3D on it. 2D only.

Which game engine you will consider home?

Godot. as of now, we found this game engine that fits our specifications:

  • Open Source
  • $0
  • Prime
  • Competable with popular game engines
  • Potential to make AAA games
  • Node
  • Object oriented
  • and so on.

Why do not use Unity / Unreal Engine


We have trouble with these Engines!


  • Pro is subscription only
  • expensive duh (a.k.a. not $0. anything not $0 means expensive, e.g. $0.01 is Extremly too expensive)
  • dark them exclusive to Pro and Plus I think.
  • proprietary duhh!!!


  • Royalty!!! if you met certain revenue, you must pay to Epic Games
  • Hog of resources. even simple games tend to hog up. I think. Yeaah, because, uuuuh, idk why. Oh, they are late to Mobile!
  • also not open source licensed. despite the source code is actually and confirmably available, it's just a hoax feeling when you see its license again.

Godot succ?

Never judge by its cover. check Godot YouTube channel. people made aweseome games out of Godot!

No, I mean, no tripleA title! or too few to be considered

We'll make it. DUH!!!

Why is it called Fidget Quest?

Inspired from fidget toys like fidget spinner! in 2018, figdet spinner was popular.

What do you think about fidget spinner

Weirdly intresting. made me eager to collect many of those. there are variations today. I like ceramic bearing one. yeahhh.

What is the connection between Fidget Spinner and Trollface Quest / Warioware?

I was inspired from Nintendo Switch Joy-con. this controller system is very unique and opens up many potential. Yet, lack of creativity out of those people in the world to benefit the system.

Also, I found out these gamers SITT on their luxury E-sport certified chair. As well as, VR were too expensive. not to forget, Nintendo games are not $0. a hundred for a bunch of cardboards?! seriously. Google managed to made this little budget possible!!! hek, even I can grab cardboard from garbage for nothing but diseases like bacteria!!!

I want to benefit this Joy-con. but they are proprietary. I hate proprietarism. So I clone, to Fidget-con. Benefit this to many different ways of puzzling.

I popped a thought, there was a game of Warioware for Wii. the game benefit the use of Wii controller in all various weird ways. I want to resurrect it. I know Nintendo someday will make one. but seriously, I want the game to be available for everyone.

So available, Twitch, YouTube, and etc. Gameplay video is inappropriate. I want everybody to play it. absolutely. no exception. poor, rich, light, dark, yellow, human, not human, everything.

As of now, the proof concept doesn't show anything special. because Greenfoot only support mouse and keyboard. but in the future, I'll make crazy games that benefit controllers crazily. yeah.

Do you have any plan?

We'll make games. in Godot. make Hexagon Engine. and made cinema enters game console video games.

Licensed GNU GPL v3 for coding and CC4.0-BY-SA for assets.

tell people to avoid looking gameplay videos, unless the game is too extreme on resources for low spec PC.

make Perkedel Technologies conglomerate, mawing every single business that I have been wishing to own for couple tens of years, making weird businesses, making Indonesia Local Resource Rating (Tingkat Kandungan Dalam Negeri) to reach 100%, etc. etc.

for God, nothing is impossible.

cool and good!


sorry for I that I have to abandon this game. there are abundant college task to do. yet, I still have better idea how to do it in a better place instead.

thank you for your attention.

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