A downloadable Dank Meme for Windows, macOS, and Linux

A puzzleware game. you'll meet unexpected outcome.

inspired from Trollface Quest by Spill Games (Agame.com)

Just do what you got and could you do.

A college task from our 2nd semester project.

We cannot upload this to Greenfoot due to large size this game has.

Java applet no longer run properly in modern browser. So you need to download the JAR file. get yourself Java Runtime Environment, the latest version.

it has all assets packed in source code.

Copyright notice: Reffers a lot of memes during 2018. Fair Use law applies. Perkedel never make any profit to any softwares we make. check README.txt in the gfar file for credits and informations.

Microphone controller bug (just Windows?): Greenfoot has a bug for Microphone Loudness control. Even this game uses the mic, either Greenfoot or Java forgot to launch the mic. For workaround, invoke any application that uses microphone, such as Legacy Sound setting in this Windows. go to Recording tab and speak aloud. make sure microphone is not muted.


JOELwindows7_FidgetQuest_researchPrototype.jar 71 MB
JOELwindows7_FidgetQuest_researchPrototype.gfar 70 MB

Install instructions

open the source code using greenfoot.org

This gfar file is the Source Code. use Greenfoot to open it.

This jar file is the Java executable file. you need Java Runtime Environment.

Development log

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