Add boot.json

we added boot.json file in the DVD cartridge.

This allows the DVD mod PCK to be loaded automatically.

Simply refresh DVD once the mod has been loaded.

Generate setting file by run Hexagon Engine once, then shutdown properly.

To install the DVD 

go to user:// which is

%appdata%/Perkedel Technologies/Hexagon Engine/Pengaturan

Open Setelan.json using text editor of programming IDE.

Scroll down to ModPCKs

Make Dictionary inside ModPCK basically like this:

"ModsPCKs": {
    "Patho": "C:/forward-slash/your-modPCK.pck",
    "Replaceo: false
    "Patho": "C:/forward-slash/your-modPCK2.pck",
    "Replaceo: false

Don't add comma after in the end inside the ModPCKs! Bug in json format standard! In VS Code interpreter, it will red error. Notice I delete comma after for second mod dictionary.

Argh hard itch mobile 

Save, then launch Hexagon Engine.

Your mods may not seen first time. Click Refresh DVD until your mod appears in the list.

Loading bar has title of 

Where is Loading Bar functionality

Simply 2x click to run it.

You can even make your own mods for it. Simply inspire structure of GameDVDCardtridges/Your-own-game like that. boot.json has to exist. In the Hexagon Engine repository we also had the example you can follow from.

You can have the DVD loads your starting scene anywhere in the res:// area. just like the standalone you made.

We recommended you to make sure Replaceo false to prevent your mod from replacing important files of Hexagon Engine runtime. If you had file missing, review what conflicted and rename the files to not conflicting. Otherwise, if you make Asset Replacement which Replaceo is true, go ahead break Hexagon Engine. It's your Download.

And yeah. Basically it.


macOS GithHub Action build 15 MB
Version 4 Oct 18, 2020
Linux (64-bit) GitHub Action build 47 MB
Version 8 Oct 18, 2020
Windows Desktop GitHub Action build 42 MB
Version 6 Oct 18, 2020

Get Loading Bar Functionality

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