PLEASE Download exe, linux, or mac app instead!!! HTML5 version problem NOW HTML5 LOADING ALSO WORKS since Godot 3.3

We have problem in HTML5 build of Godot. um, kinda..

  • You have to use GLES2! And enable ETC vram compression at Project Setting, Rendering, vram compression. check ETC. Oh well, I guess we have to wait for Vulkan support in Godot 4.0 which hopefully also supports WebGL Vulkan. Waiting for Godot 4.0.
  • Queue resource did not work, Instance Resource hangs it NOT ANYMORE!!!
  • Brave Browser user!! Enable All Cookies, Cross-site Cookies too! Otherwise, it won't start!!! wait, I think this still works despite being with Shield, but yeah, just allow all just in case, I think...

Everything else is fine on other platform. sadd! HTML5 now also works. what do you gonna say?

Where is Loading Bar Functionality?

What's going on?

I want to have Brackey's Unity Scene loading NO HICCUP in Godot!

Is equivalent technique exist in Godot?


You can try it by downloading these.

Then take a look at its source code:


Credits, and Main Script is in here:

Install instructions

  1. Choose which binary for your platform.
  2. extract if it still zipped
  3. run it


Hexagon Engine Mod PCK file Circle CI build 14 MB
Version 4 Apr 22, 2021
macOS GithHub Action build 27 MB
Version 7 May 06, 2021
Linux (64-bit) GitHub Action build 51 MB
Version 11 May 06, 2021
Windows Desktop GitHub Action build 42 MB
Version 8 Oct 23, 2020
Linux (64-bit) Circle CI build 47 MB
Version 12 Apr 22, 2021
macOS Circle CI build 27 MB
Version 11 Apr 22, 2021
Windows Desktop Circle CI build 46 MB
Version 11 Apr 22, 2021

Development log


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GitHub Action version given by has weird issue I can't explain why did it mysteriously stops


HTML5 loading doesn't work