Xbox vibration

Finally got XBOX controller vibrate on Windows!!!

that's the asset we use.

you must feel it!

Now, we are going to work on Storyboard and UX. make sure we can.

last Github update has been available!

git fetch now!!! use

and check out

thx for attention.

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make temporary easiner for Waduh boy. add item that instantly turn on Next stage Sangat berat

optimize touch trigger! move Pause and ResetCamera pinch close together towards center!

Right trigger is Jockey button! ride a vehicle!

pause and reset camera has been moved towards center but not close each other.

prepare the Jockey button. but no funtion yet

decrease ad to 5 sec

done it!

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days tightened! The submit threatened to decrease quality! no post mortem after update. Finish even after exam if so happened decrease quality!