The Research Starts!

Yes! We have started the research. Thu 20 Sept 2018

  • Project created: This. Geogon Polymetry: The Proof Concept.
  • SampleScene is here!
  • Create HeroPlayer
  • Program Hero Player! Of course, C# man! but yeah. this is, bad. no C++.
  • Add how to move the shape! using Rigidbody2D add torque! the transform.Translate is not the way!
  • okay.
  • I didn't know you can create geometry sprite out of this Unity! but yeah, kinda not as good as it is. need to mask it with gift paper still.
  • Attempted change shape! works!
  • Attempted change collider. kinda dirty. still figuring out
  • Inkscape the SpriteSheet of HeroPlayer! with plot twist!!! accidentally made a blade fan lol!
  • Platformed the scene! Kinematic!!!
  • Text mesh Pro! and usual text. just to add decoration.
  • Tried empty object that contains Rigidbody properties, and Collider. uh....

We haven't done:

  • this game.
  • 4 slot of temporary employment available!
  • hmstdve....


  • Try to make multiple game objects, containing each different geometries.
  • Or try to make one Hero, accompanied with empty custom object containing Rigidbody2D and Collider2D components. different shapes means different collider type!
  • Multiple files of C#! one is for movement, and other is change shape, make it modular man! separate file! so to allow other fellow works this and other that.

FIGURED OUT THE WORKING WAY!: 3AM!!! 21 sept 2018 3.20 AM

  • Create Hero object. put on 0, 0, 0
  • Remove its rigidbody and collider.
  • leave with sprite rendered. or remove it.
  • Create empty object. put on 0, 0, 0
  • Fill it with: RigidBody2D, Collider according shape, Fixed Joint 2D, and Sprite Renderer.
  • Repeat process for different geometry.
  • Fill rigid body with that Hero game object. all of them! This nails the custom RigidBodCollider to the hero.
  • Fill each custom gameobject sprite with according shape sprite.
  • Coding time!
  • Add variable about Serialize field gameobjects Geometry_Shape, as many as geometries you have.
  • back to Unity to fill those variable with the custom gameobjects about custom RigidBodCollider.
  • Back to code!
  • Now reffer just their external collider, like Geometry.getcomponent<PolygonCollider2D>().enabled = false, geoA, GeoB, Geo C, and so on!
  • it's a switching collider shapes! Hero doesn't hold the collider! it's masking with collider!!!

Same technique above applies for Hexagon Engine, just that engine is C++. Translate C# thinking into C++ thinking.

Yep. Hexagon Engine (editor name: Kantor 369 Film Maker Ultimate) is Open Source clone of Unity engine!

Save that for future, Joel.

Okay guys we have been here. You can see, Joel has came up, proofing, and tired. If there is any question, feel free to comment bellow. just here. Worth mentioning question will get worth mention.

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