Learnt Option Menu and Preparing Presentation

Brackey's Teaching Joel and friends how Option Menu!

Brackey is here again to let me knowledgeful of the option settings.

We have learnt:

  • How to Make each settings
  • Dropdown
  • Toggle
  • Reffering to set the setting
  • Assets introduction

Disasters during the job:

  • Entire Perkedel has to make their own again. takes 2 hours or even years. ready in undefined time.
  • This clone most likely won't be available on Unity Asset store. rather on Hexagon Engine Asset store.
  • It will be Gratis, Open Source, and FULL VERSION, but unfortunately, likely going to be exclusive for Hexagon Engine.

Disasters outside the job (ft. Deep Condolence):

  • Our fellows in Middle of Sulawesi were hit with a tectonic drift bois. Their house gets destroyed.
  • Our fellows in Middle of Sulawesi were hit with a Bigga Higga Hydro bois. Their properties carried over like a being robbed out of nowhere.
  • Our fellows in Middle of Sulawesi were hit with a bois of cements and bricks liquidifies. thousands of scronches IRL that Zeni cannot restore at all (Worst ever!!!).
  • Notable example of death: an enthusiastic, Passionate, and Heroic ATC guy finishes his job, quaked and jump of, broke his leg, and went down.
  • Seriously, this is bad, I cannot understand this, if only it doesn't happened at all. oh well I'm not admin IRL. just empathy.

back to topic.

Alright. We have setup like what he did. similar. just the matter of the refference name. and sprites.

Wish someone could help me at this. but whatever.

This is just me using wrong game engine, Unity.

I hate it. expensive susbcription.

So why have to bother?

I should be living with Hexagon Engine instead.

But Unity is the way to initialize it.

Because Hexagon Engine is the clone of Unity, minus the c# defaultness. Hexagon engine is C++ defaultness.

Pray for we can plagiaze it into C++.

for all nities around the verse. No profit. Transparent. Passionate.


We will have Presentation.

Okay. right now we aren't set properly our prototype build. So what we're gonna do is:

  • Buy new HDMI to VGA converter. Seriously, BINUS. why still you rely VGA when these days Displays rely on HDMI?! can't you just have at least one bold move to do such thing???
  • Guys, My laptop no longer has VGA port built in!!! only DisplayPort (Mac display port), and HDMI! this gonna cost me much things!!!
  • Show just the editor with this project open.
  • Go the the SampleScene to show what is SHanpe can do. like to change Shape obviously.
  • Demonstrate that changing shape changes the Collider according to the sprite image. if Circle, it is circle. Square, box. Polygon, polygon. and like that.
  • Maybe to demonstrate what we have learnt from Brackey? like this main menu. and if we play, plays this SampleScene2 that shows just something goes downhill?! what?!?! ummm
  • that scene has no purpose. it is just for fun. we're messing around with spriteshape. yeah kinda show them that I think.
  • okay whatever it is. Sir Dodick just need this introduction and itch private link. alright, Joel, do your best!
  • Yaaaay!! (applause)
  • hmstdve


PS: Okay, just little note for you. You are using Free Personal Unity. watch your revenue! if you somehow made more than $100000 by Beastly Tubing like act of donation, you gonna move out. Unity is conky about your revenue. Smell just bigga green bois coming out, prepare for PREMANISM!!!


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Reen: Sir. We've arrived late. I think we can't afford HDMI to VGA now. Maybe after college :(