Pause Menu, Level Select, Vector Graphic, etc.

Brackeys' taught Joel and friends Pause menu!

Here is video.


game is paused. Check Attachment 2!

Level Select sketching....

A sketch of level select buttons. this one might need to be made for. probably the premade Asset could be expensive. Check Attachment 1!

Invited Package! New Packages!

Assets Imported:

2D Standard Asset Unity!!! where this come from?

Package Uninstaller! Remove .package

Packages installed:

Vector Graphic. This allows SVG. but turns out, unable to precisely or has a bug on a path with acceleration. The curving made harsher compared when I saw it on Inkscape which is smooth. idk why. we're figuring out! perhaps graphic quality I think.

itch bullet list is broken after using heading!

That's all:

no need that colon though. anyway, that's today. more to come.

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