Look at these 3 shapes of SHanpe!

  1. Circle. This one rolls. great for curvy platform, run along the curve! The quad circle represents OpenCX action button!
  2. Box. This one slides. great for flat platform, walk stable don't fall! It was decorated by a man who still hold the ability to think like a children, JOELwindows7 himself!
  3. Triangle. This one slides, and also rolls twice as fast. great for battle, cut slice your enemies! Designed just be like that, emphasizing the law of symmetry.

OpenCX button?

Yes, That's ABXY button in Perkedel's game console. there are meaning behind those designs:

  • Blue L button. "Loncat/Lompat". Jump. Choose
  • Red J button. "Jongkok". Crouch. Cancel
  • Green P button. "Pindai/Pandang". Scan, Interact, Look, View. More
  • White S button. "Serang". Attack. Custom

Besides what shown, there are more buttons Perkedel designed in the gamepad:

  • Tembak Ki, Tembak Ka. Trigger button
  • Nduut Ki, Nduut Ka. Bumper button
  • Analog Ki, Analog Ka. Analog Stick
  • Panas, Dingin. Option Start. could be Guide button
  • Directional.

Why box is designed like this?

Because we have to design. we are not allowed to have a stuff bland and empty, so this is what we come up.

Triangle is intresting and illuminati confirmed!

I realize that. but we do not import such things here. there are no choice. we pray illuminati doesn't work here.


What app used to design?


Why must pay Illustr that expensive, and subscription only, when you can become Grammy Awards compliant artist just without single penny for the software?

Oh yeah, they appreciate donate. if you can, you should. much appreciated.

anyway, Inkscape is




use all the way you want. no monet required!

Source code of these drawings are included in the Source_codes of this project. CC4.0-BY-SA

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