Brackeys Loading Screen

New Loading Screen!


This is important! the game may not be paused just to load a scene!!!

So, now, the menu has LevelLoader GameObject. this is the object for all in one level loading. Brackeys only placed the integer version of it. But I added the string version as well. Because, sometimes many scenes of the index! You will remember scene by its name!

Plus more stuffs I lazy to put back:

  • Ultra setting must be default all platform!!! this makes sure you get the best graphic possible for new installs.
  • Double Jump! SHanpe can double jump like platformers used to be. Use check ground by its tag to check if he landed. this is for reset jump token. Jump token is jump limit. I put it 2, so he can only jump 2 times. for those of you who wants to mod this game, it is not recommended to put token more than 2. Also, I won't make SHanpe lose token by off its collision. I did not test lose token yet. This is great if SHanpe has to jump further. Yes. just fell off the platform little bit and then jump twice to get the far platform.
  • Exclusive fullscreen. idk why I am obsessed with it. I believe, it possess one display, solely for this game and increase its performance. But did you know, most old games takes this approaches. until now, even Japanese game dev like Capcom e.g., still uses it. I think this thing could be an extra retro points, especially this is platformer thing. Well, look's like Windows 10 handling about Exclusive fullscreen might have changed. So, try to play it on older Windows. you can see your cursor will blink on Windows XP, Missing cursor on Windows Vista, and almost missing cursor on Windows 7, and 8 I think. for Windows 10, the cursor stays lit like nothing. It's just real defeat. Oh yeah. This option in custom OS of mine, should be, that the game took the display server over. it will take first display (Display 0:0), with permission. So if you see "Display takeover" permission in Perkedel Toko, that's where it is for.
  • I forgot or that is it.


Main (Recomended) (All Possible Platforms!) 109 MB
Version 3 Oct 04, 2018
Source_codes 890 MB
Version 7 Oct 04, 2018

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