Straight Platform and Improved camera

I have sample platform in Alphacyst! here are Platforms so straight, usual and boring.

Tagging its parent GameObject "Ground" doesn't mean its inheritance goes "Ground". unfortunately, I have to tag one by one of those. Yes, multi select comes again!

Also add improvement to camera:

  •  Hold Mid click or Right click, and drag to move camera
  •  Scroll Wheel to Zoom
  • Tab to reset camera

all camera improvements return to Follow Player!!! HORRAY! FOLLOW PLAYER CS IS BACK! bye bye Unity Standard 2D asset's Camera follow 2D!

Fixed this pause button and back button did not hide for escape button version!

Improve secret credit about undecoded SHoonBee's speaking. things getting more clear as you more thinking about it! Imagine that! This sprout of thought has just grown and will be revealed by your figuring outs, not us!

Yeah, short updates for now.

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