Will This game exempt from LiReject Apocalypse?

what is LiReject apocalypse?

Simple. It is Abbreviation of License Rejection caused Rapture, Apocalypse, Zombie tragedy, and such event.

It is a type of apocalypse, that is worse than normal apocalypse. Spoiler alert, you're not gonna want to see this. Please kindly leave this post immediately if you hate tragedy.

Why LiReject? How could it happend?

Well, e.g. we ask you, for your project, to be done for something new, like emake, merch, etc. Simply said Negotiating License from 3rd party project.

Yeah, like we ask Tarsier, Bandai Namco, Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft, Matt makes games, and this Lecturer that taught Joel something... like so.

Kinda tough. And could potentially dangerous.

What danger you ask? Rejection.


We can be rejected by raw mean. (Ditolak mentah-mentah).

So we ask this company to collab, and after they review it, they reject. Oh syit!

But wait. Joel hates surrender. So he ask his fellow to help him renegotiate. Joel reran the negotiation, review, reject.

Usually takes maximum 3 attempt. After all 3 rejects, Joel will make the project illegally anyway, no monetize, post it, and done. BUT....

Joel get sued! The rejector company won the sue. Nah don't worry, it's just $5 million, what's the big deal anyway? However, actually it is bad. Not about money though, something else.

Joel is trauma! The company is evil! More than satan! And Joel make that project for his Hexagon engine Saga for egsample.

Everything is ruined. Timeline must stop here to now. Perkedel has become rotten (Perkedel sudah busuk!)!

Company destroyed Perkedel Technologies. Perkedel has been mentalcrupt (bankrupt but it is mental damage instead of finance trouble).

Perkedel downgrades to cash grab. This is apocalypse. LiReject apocalypse.


So LiReject Apocalypse is, a cruptcy caused by License rejection by other being asked company. Perkedel will self destruct its passion of such rejection.

Pray this won't be true.


But actually, This Geogon is exempt from LiReject! Why?

Because this project is original!

The idontfeelsogood only applies to all product that is designed after someone's design. Product that is designed after Joel's design however, won't idontfeelsogood.

But still, Perkedel will have no passion and instead cash grab cruelly. There may be no update except some optimization and bug fixes.


Thank you for those read to the end.

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