Too early update (Beware! unexpected bug may occurs!!!)

Sorry for having disaster. here is Too early update of Source Code and Main.

Beware of bugs that may occurs as our research was cut by Joel's mother scold because this overnight job.

New Stuff:

  •  HP bar, colorized!!! Blue is full, Green is above 50, Yellow is above 25, Red Danger is above 0 bellow 25, and Gray is EEK SERKAT!!!
  • Test Items! From left to right: Unity Example, Tickle test (built from scratch using that documentation and forth), HUERTT the minus HP, SEHATT the plus HP. We are still researching more things we could do with SHanpe interaction, like Coin score, and other effect potion items.
  • SHanpe if dead can either Respawn and Restart Level. We forgot the QUIT TO MENU. we will add it later. This can be done by relying new template methods on LevelLoader.cs, Brackeys made. yes! We modified that C# file to add such methods function.
  • proposing platformer art complete pack. However, those sheets won't be too much relied. We will redraw using Joel's vector style just like this game theme is. Inkscape be ready!!!
  • etc. We forgot what have we did last overnight.

We haven't got time to add new credit on the main credit text file. here are the list of the tabs opened during the research as of today 1 AM:

Big shoutout to those page that helps Joel in his research. Thank you.


That is all for the momment. Apologise for any errors occured. Sorry for the disaster last overnght. Joel was little ill right now. But later is healthy likely. Task was too many, even just .5f counts.


Main (Recomended) (All Possible Platforms!) 109 MB
Version 5 Oct 15, 2018
Source_codes 890 MB
Version 9 Oct 15, 2018

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