Uploaded! Completed Something!

It's time to use Major update launch for now even not launch yet. maybe helps alot later.

Please check previous devlog to see what have we done.

also, we have a suprise for you:



Linux user are now invited in this test, alongside Windows user. welcome!

Mac version is coming soon! Actually, the college focus target for PC only. presumably Windows only. but, because this is Perkedel Technologies,

LINUX MUST IN!!! or nothing.

Because Linux and many OS made with this Kernel are Gratis and Open Source.

Please enjoy. Joel was busy right now. Joel was overwhelmed by freaking confusing and dangerously insane tasks. Look's like he has to ignore 1 requirement. book journal e.g. A pray is required to make this requirement optional at all, leaving only website blog refference.

anyway, thank you for your attention.


Main (Recomended) (All Possible Platforms!) 109 MB
Version 6 Oct 19, 2018
Source_codes 890 MB
Version 10 Oct 19, 2018

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