Joystick Update!

Check previous devlog for more info!

New! Joystick controlling!

But pretty SUCC. uses Unity's premade Axes Input assignment (Edit -> Project Setting -> Input).

Adjusted the key config to Xinput (Xbox controller) for now.

Resolution dialog is still disabled!

Try Joystick control now!


  • Dpad, Navigate menu
  • Left Analog Stick, Move character
  • Right Analog Stick, Camera move
  • Press Right Analog Stick, Reset camera
  • A, Jump
  • X, Circle shape
  • Y, Square shape
  • B, Triangle shape
  • Triggers. LT is Zoom out, RT is Zoom in.
  •  Start, Pause game

These configuration is pretty bad. won't be on final!


  • Rumble. Xbox Rumble requires special functions unfortunately.

I must start from scratch, these Axes.


Main (Recomended) (All Possible Platforms!) 109 MB
Version 7 Oct 21, 2018
Source_codes 890 MB
Version 11 Oct 21, 2018

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wow! Joystick controller on an incomplete game!!! Impressive!!!