Treasured This Jump Button and stuff

I was having hard time. Thank God I figured out finally after days and nights.

  •  Cross Platform Input (Standard Asset) is not compatible for PC standalone
  • Finds over various YouTubes and tricks
  • Long short, now I got my Jump Button works. check the Event Trigger ready!
  • Also create template methods to be triggered by these triggers
  • Reset Camera is buttoned on top right. double 2 click is hard, I can't do it now!
  • Check Credit text. I have become lazy to rewrite them here
  • Android APK unsigned build is now available. test it on your phone and what do you think?
  • Oh syit! I have to build survey for my college, entrepreneur 1. Give me time
  • Oh faak! I must reffer real book to that market research! headached!!!! 3 of them. those are for theory landings (a.k.a. using LibraryThings, a.k.a. #include<LibraryThings>) You faaking savage! 
  • Oh well, Let's see library what do we need.
  •  World needs me a degree. But I don't need it! wtf?
  •  Too late! We paid them! We lost so much money already!!!
  • This is world, faak diz syit.
  • Also taking request for those who need to do something.
  • nevermind, commission is not available yet.

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