(ft. Android version) Touchscreen Completed (Maybe)

Check previous Devlogs for more info.

  • Camera control over touch!
  • Jump BUtton and Fenerax Joystick
  • stressful figure outs.
  • APK file is now available. Grab your Android device and install it there to experience it. Unsigned yet!

How to Gamepad:

The configuration is dirty! not going to be on Final! reffers to Xinput control. Using Unity's internal Input Setting and function.

  • Dpad. Menu and Movement
  • Left Analog Stick. Movement
  • Right Analog Stick. Camera. Press it to Reset
  • X, Y, B. Respectively set shape to Circle, Square, and Triangle
  • A. Jump
  • Start (Menu). Pause
  • Left Trigger. Zoom out
  • Right Trigger. Zoom In (Yes, triggers are one axis because Unity is reffering as Dinput)

How to TouchScreen:

  • You can select menu by tap on which button.
  • Joystick. Movement
  • Loncat. Jump
  • Middle Shape Select. Select shape.
  • Pause top left. Pause
  • ResetCamera top right. Reset Camera
  • Pinch. Zoom
  • To move camera, tap and hold with 2 fingers and move them like swiping scroll it.


Main (Recomended) (All Possible Platforms!) 109 MB
Version 8 Oct 23, 2018
Source_codes 890 MB
Version 12 Oct 23, 2018

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