Too lazy for Vibration ASMR?! (ft. ItemEffects, and forgot the Tiled)

Oh man, I was trying to make this game on Android feels like Nintendo Switch controller by making the vibration.

I am too lazy, because this is Unity. why would I help Unity?

btw, I have gotten these informations:

This is Duper Awesome!!! here's the link:

thx aVolpe!!!

I tried this class, and basically, it calls the same iPhoneUtils class Vibrations. only difference it that it is much more detailed compared to Hanheld class.  pretty cool huh?

You can have it vibrate for certain milliseconds, with patterns and repeats, or just basic vibrate.

However, it will fall back to Handheld class if it is not Android. Oh well, I tried to find Xbox rumble class. but it seems hard to find. faak u Microsoft! why not provide easy to get APIs?!

Overall of this coolness, I am disappointed. it's just vibration intensity. nothing else.

It is not Perkedel ASMR compliant! No HD Rumble thingy!!! just plain old monotone vibration with how long, and stay strength.

also, some of your phone has a tin can vibrator system. yeah, just a cheap slow acceleration motor. I know you guys are not a rich. Me too, infact, my ASUS ROG Laptop (GL503GE) I have here cannot VR (because only has cheapskate Intel + GTX 1050Ti)(VR must GTX1060 and up). yet, still on credit card step by step payment for couple years. that's terrible! If I want to be honest again, I want to rant again that this thing still succ. well, atleast I have it for 4 years of college.

but what is the point, if for especial case of Samsung Galaxy highest end phone such as Galaxy S7 and up, Note FE and up, has no accessible for indie developer, an API to access Samsung's HD rumble (Setting -> Sounds and Vibrations -> Vibration Pattern -> any Pattern underneath "Zig-zag-zig"), for real? Heec, I am blown away when I touched that pattern. it vibrates musically! So, go ahead get your Galaxy S7/Note FE and up, or borrow one, go to the setting I've shown you above, and experience it. People who enthusiastic for Extra limbed novelty tech fetish like me will turned on! what do you think? in comment down bellow.

And finally, I just did what it has. relying on Milliseconds of vibration time, hoping you get what I am into, this fetish of HD rumble.

I should learn how Nintendo do it. sure, it has for those devs who willing to. but I'm afraid the API is closed and proprietary as well.


And the Item effect is here!

I am trying new approach of Item.

This ItemEffect allows all kinds of effect. Not just powerup, but also anything!

this Item effect can destroy or not after touching, depending on your design. yes, that Single Use statement on the inspector.

for now, the ItemEffect only support isTrigger such as OnTriggerEnter2D and exit. I was planning to also OnCollisionEnter2D and exit which mean that the item can be alive and moving, e.g. falling and rolling coins, spike trap, contact enemy, etc.


And now, I forgot the Tiled.

sorry I forgot. the research of Item takes hours to get it working properly.


also too many homework.

children, I was having Entrepreneur 1 Marker Research, Storyboard Concept pose 15, Program Design Methods Mega Project Data flow diagrams, and that's it probably. oh, also this final thing before Mid Exam. my children, days were terrible here. I have got too many distraction that is more intresting. Because again, homework is stressful! 3 of those above, but this 2D Game Programming, around 5% less stressfull and 60% more intresting.

You may heard that I have an idea to Refforcate. But it's a big loss, and worst idea ever. I have paid them in process. So unfortunately, I have to sit here, imprisoned for 4 years, waiting for heavy thesis and then went out with a degree, that actually only useful for few parts. especially, how to make game and program it, how to run a business, and some few other. should have been I am knowing only what I love. and, it was my disunderstanding, and unluckiness. I unfortunately were ended up on generic with character education, from Primary, to Senior high. the Majored high school, well, there is no as matching that also has character education.

See more on history book of Perkedel Kingdom series.


anyway thank you for your attention.

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