Non-Human Character declaration

Okay guys. Just want to tell that

SHanpe and friends are not human.

yes. they are just a simple geometric object lifeform, and that's it.

Thank God, it's simple to build.

Complex lifeform is hard!

Complex lifeform like Homo sapiens requires alot of things to consider.

Complex lifeform requires one of the notable thing, Hearbeat Cardiophillia Vaganza. Yes, Heartbeat fetish like sound of heartbeat.

In other hand,

Simple Lifeform doesn't need such requirement.

Simple Lifeform ensures more chance for Safe for Work environment, according to the Perkedel Game Making Standard.

Because, lesser fetish required.

so, young children, I declare

Protagonist that is SHanpe is not Human.

Therefore, I declare that this project now, will be absolutely SFW, whenever no complex lifeform involved.

However, the SFW declaration can be removed if any complex lifeform has been imported and present in the source codes.


Complex lifeform will have tendency of NSFW.

Simple lifeform (like abstracts) will have more tendency of SFW. Less NSFW

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Remember dude, young children download this game. You have to post it not in this project all!!!

Doesn't mean I disagree.

Just, lookout! this is SFW project. NSFW version maybe later.