Going to get over theze Exams

we must jot down what shall we do before things can get nasty. We are not allowed to keep think about it and forgot them.

  • Søto Rial. Tutorial level. Going over these with Joel Robert Justiawan 
  • New level select. Scroll side level. With metro nudge scroll of Microsoft. Win8 thing
  • Prefabs of these components
  • Tutorial flashing above button.
  • Invisiblize virtual joystick. Replace with feedbacking joystick above it! Stream what you were moving at
  • Button feedback. See what you press.
  • Dont disable button on tutorial?
  • Hmstdve...

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idea! How about Soto rial bg is like school scene!

Because Soto Rial is pun of Tuto Rial!