New suggestions

Sir Dodick and lecturers gave new suggestions.

  • Art of geometricals
  • Flatform type of platform. Use tiled. S
  • Edge collider is troublematic!
  • Animated gif atleast 2. . It's a must actually.
  • Mission on each level such as collect numbers of items, go to level complete, etc.
  • Background of abstracty
  • Zoom out a little bit to have defaultly enough view angle
  • Decrease emptiness! People will feel lost on huge empty space. Make sure on real level, less empty space!

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draw the banner for this page!!! also cover!!!

enemy! Barrier!

Enemy can walk back and forth with barrier object as invisible wall. Enemy can be ignore the wall!

Barrier triggers move opposite

add Perkedel logo next to Made with Unity!

we must talk about this. We must do together.

We have to update before thursday. We hope.