Gak Sempet Update (Too early Update Mk. 2)(Not litterally Gak Sempet)

Not Litterally Gak Sempet!!!

We have actually updates. but incomplete. this is because


Here are list of what we did as of now:

  • Feedback lit!!! You see that blue light dot above the virtual joystick on left? if you touchscreen, it just look's like nothing. But, press the movement button using anyways but touchscreen. you will see the blue lit moves!!! later we'll add the feedback on button as well.
  • Vibration improved! learnt how to use pattern vibration. which article... ah , yes! that's how you do it. but still in old way though. idk how on new API 26 like the article above on Unity Mono C#. maybe later
  • Just added credit for people involved! Joel and Septesen.
  • Just added the Collabse files. later will be realized. on this wednesday asap.
  • Add new Item Effect empty methods. these are proposal. before we forget, we save our idea there so no need to memorize it as possible.
  • GIF screenshot. we record screen from android binary apk, , and gif convert the video. tada!!! later add video
  • kecapean!!! as usual. My children, don't follow my example. you already have your school on your fingertips. no need overnight homework like we are, children. just install knowledge on brain
  • Shown SHoonBee a concept of Sarah Rubber for the next future. also this is the submit for Storyboard art concept. he likes it. I drew her. finally semi realised a girl who appeared on my sleep and lucid dream. However though, we are not going to put this in the game. Just up to here. So considered still safe from bad potential for this project. Check my DeviantArt ( ) later.
  • All 3 Platform binaries: Windows, Android, and Linux has been updated with this.
  • Add Perkedel logo on start screen before Made with Unity poops.

if we can complete whenever it is, the next update title will be..

Akhirnya Sempet Update Juga!!!



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Version 10 Nov 05, 2018
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Version 14 Nov 05, 2018

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