Potongan Vertikal (Vertical Slice)

Alex Stuart Mahan introduced a development cycle type called


A proof of concept for investors.

Check this video out by Alex Stuart Mahan!

Basically, In order to convince investor to put a bunch of funds on you, you must be able to show what the final product gonna look's like.

For real this time. Product must be available in the eyes of victim of scammers.

It is different than prototype, he says.

Prototype, is a random messup of experiments and has no clear purpose.

V-slice in the other hand, is a messup that has purpose. Basically, it is Proof of Concept for Investors I would say.

So yeah. We're going to change Prototype into V-slice for that purpose.

Remember, the name still V-slice even by release. Just the status is released.

Because faak it. this game is Unity based. what's the point relying on something you couldn't fully own?

btw, here are the informations regarding YandereDev's real name:

see you soon.

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