Unexpected morning 7 AM big class

we have a big class, on this part 2 of 3rd semester. The class starts at 7 AM. Because of this, we could not continue develop now. Sorry.

And fortunately, there is no small class there.

Let me check what number of meeting we are now...

And also, I feel so bad because on this sunday, we did not fell asleep on church, which is great though. What I feel bad actually, Joel and fams went to Jakarta Notebook to buy and claim some tech gadgets. We also look after new Neo Soho. Eat much at Megame udon, stuffed full, ramble around, discovered upcoming VR theme park, went to sky bridge, buy house items in Transmart, ends evening. That's what is bad. Because I got tired, and it goes tight in schedule. Fkk!

To Lecturer whom I concern, we beg for your pardon. We will soon give the latest update to you all.

Wait. What do you mean? Aren't we supposedly...


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publish on thursday!

Polish description and stuffs

i feel great because i did not sleep on church! Yay!!! Praise the Lord!