Now we need to contruct the last level.

We have finished the Intermission and the CB Agama homework.

Left the story board, UX, and this Contruction required level.

Under COnstruction. we are now building. But it won't be completed.

We also waiting for Septesen to join in again to this mission. We have released the joblist.

We need anything drawn:

  • Cloud
  • Construction machines
  • Level design submodule

That is all.

remember, Joel has other plan next week to focus to storyboard. His time is not much, suprisingly, as usual.

Also we have opened the extra contributor program. You can mini help Joel and friends to fill Geogon Vslice.

submit yours to with subject GEOGON-VSLICE-EXTRA-CONTRIB

Put your submissions there:

  • Idea
  • Level design
  • Musics (Royalty free)
  • Sprites (Creative Commons that is not No derivative and  is not No commercial but anything else is okay)
  • Sound effects (CC0 or that Creative Commons that is Yes Derivative and Yes Commercial and anything else)
  • Character 2D set
  • etc.

Thank you for your participation.

That is all for today. Please pay attention and also try our game. it's simple to download. We are still figuring out Play in Browser for now. Sorry for inconvenience. Joel will get depressed if he hasn't gotten any surge of download despite the hard work he gave!!! especially, if he placed Major Update and people did not touched it and even downloaded it at all!!!

Thank you for your attention.

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